HSML: Hyperspace MODELING Language

HTML or HyperText Markup Language and later, Javascript, established standardized methods to “program” or layout and set the interaction rules for content on web pages.

Like the Web before it, the Spatial Web requires a standard approach to networking nodes that extend the concept of a node to be any physical or virtual thing in space that utilizes open standards for defining Identities, Addresses, Activities, and the ability to record and query for events or “States” that occur spatially. These are the key architectural requirements for the Spatial Web.

Contracts as code

A Spatial Modeling Language with Spatial Contracts describes how to search, discover, view, track, interact, transact, and transfer assets between locations and users in virtual and real world spaces.

Locational search

This enables searching, viewing, tracking, interactions and transactions with assets and spaces, across time and space in both virtual and geo-locations.

Smart objects

HSML also enables objects to contain ownership, tracking, interaction, and transactional rules and records.

Other standards & protocols