Bringing diverse disciplines and approaches to artificial intelligence

As a product of University College London Medical School’s combined MD Ph.D. program (Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience & Applied Mathematics); Dr. Bhatt has front-line experience in both clinical practice and enterprise software development.

Integrative focus

During his time as a clinical academic, Muddy has published and taught work focusing on the integration of several fields, including medicine, mathematics & statistics, computer science, and neuroscience.

AI for enterprise

After leaving academia, he worked in a number of AI-based tech roles, including in the finance industry and Google DeepMind’s health division, before turning to entrepreneurship as Co-Founder and CTO in multiple funded startups.

Wide-ranging application

His work in the startup space led to enterprise deployment of machine learning and AI in a wide variety of fields including blockchain, social media, digital health, finance, fashion, hardware development, and more leading to his current role with the Spatial Web Foundation.